Cold Winter

We are experiencing a bit of a cold shock, but luckily the cows are in the shed in the warm and dry with a nice fluffy straw bed to snuggle into and plenty of hay to keep them happy.

This morning we recorded a temperature of -10°C, the coldest morning yet.

Choir Inspires

We have taken a weekend off to visit St. Davids, Cardiff as our eldest daughter Sara is singing with the Ysgol Gerdd Ceredigion choir, who won welsh choir of the year 2009.

This trip has inspired Elen, the youngest to start going to choir practice with her sister.

Sheep Arrive

The sheep have just arrived for their winter holidays and have some tasty forage rape to munch their way through.

In Wales sheep are traditionally moved from the Hafod (or the hills) to the Hendre (or lowland), for the winter to shelter from the cold snowy weather.