Calves to Cows

We’ve bought some calves from a local dairy farmer. These will be reared here, and kept on to be cows in our beef herd. Any name suggestions?!


Newborn calf

How wonderful is nature?!
Three hours old, and the newborn calf is like an Agricultural student – already found the bar!


Wheat surviving the wet!

Our direct drilled winter wheat is looking pretty good, considering the rain it’s had since planting.
Let’s hope for a bumper crop to keep all those chickens fed!


It’s going to be a long winter!

With the continued wet weather, we have brought in this year’s spring born calves. They should get on better inside now.
This is at least three weeks earlier than usual, due to ongoing wet conditions. Lucky we have enough good food for them, as it’ll be a long winter!


Busy few days!

It’s been busy down here on the farm! Combine harvesting, baling straw, and baling and wrapping silage! All on the same day!


Harvest begins.

Grain harvest begins with the winter barley. The grain is kept and processed into animal feed. Whilst the straw is raked up and baled for golden yellow bedding straw.